I Had Given Up…

I never want to write anything that isn’t sincere. I never want to give advice that I wouldn’t listen to nor am I currently acting upon. I always want to promote others to be a better version of themselves & if I can make someone’s day by a simple sweet gesture, I do so.

There came a time when I felt I couldn’t do what is listed above. I had given up on myself and even doing anything at all. It was much easier to be complacent and do nothing but yet it became painful. This is because when you know there are great gifts placed inside of you, to help others, it can be frustrating not to share it. I had given up…anything that was a part of my plans, I stopped doing.  However, the mind-set that was meant to harm me was actually used for my good. In stopping, I was able to reflect and reconsider. I examined what was going on around me and why exactly I felt giving up was my only option.  The first question I asked myself was “why’d I begin half of the things I was doing in the first place?”

Before even answering that question it became apparent to me, that I was making my decision based on my circumstances rather than what I know to be true about myself… I start all my endeavors primarily out of love and also excitement. The thought of succeeding makes me happy. I just had to remember the beginning and everything was placed back into perspective…

Moral of the story is:  Now, whenever I feel like giving up because of my circumstances and the fear of non-favorable outcomes, I think of the beginning and why I started to begin with. Those thoughts and feelings allow me the momentum I need to keep going.

So when you feel like giving up on a situation, a person, and/or yourself, just remember the love and excitement; why you started in the first place. We’re all human every day isn’t going to be easy but I’m glad to say “I had given up”, (past tense) because now I can continue, (future tense) as if I just started, stronger and better than ever!!

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Don’t give up, we’re almost there! 

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“Who do you love?”

Who do you love” is a commonly used phrase and song title. One artist in particular that used this was LL cool J, back in 96’. It is also a sincere question…Who do you love? In this day in age, the question could possibly be answered easier if rephrased as, “what do you love?” Many times we go throughout life investing money, passion and time into things, more than we do a person … which is not much of an opportunity cost because at the end of the day people are always worth more, especially those closest to us.

Last year, same day different time, someone very close to me was in a car accident. My mom.  She had this…

And was taken out through the cut roof of this …

However, my mother is favored by an Awesome God, who grants protection and grace. So she left the hospital without one scratch. Things could have went differently but THANK God they didn’t. Today is also the day we remember the heroes and innocent lives taken in 2001, due to terrorism. All this to say, nothing and no one is promised nor guaranteed.  So when you figure out whom you love as opposed to what you love… Go ahead and tell em’!

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Hello Beautiful People!

Have you ever heard the declaration “knowledge equals power”?  I find this to be true.  However in addition to that statement I also say, “Belief gives you strength”.  There are many things I was never educated on and only my intuition and faith were used as a guide. Sometimes when there is nothing definite to rely on, everything will come down to, “what do you believe? “

Pertaining to yourself, your goals, your family, your job and your future? …

Two months ago my Mom and 11-year old niece came with me to an audition. I was very nervous. At the audition location there came a certain point, where only the person trying out could enter. I was out of luck! If I wanted to continue forward, I had to go alone…  The service at the location was very bad and during my waiting period, all I could do was text.  I text-ed my Mom and many others, needing confirmation that I could do it, that everything would be fine.

Then my niece wrote me through my Mom’s phone and as I was giving a million and one reasons about why I was anxious, she said “believe in yourself”.  The words were so simple but it hit me like a baseball bat!

I NEVER knew that I had the permission to believe in my own self. I’ve heard the statement before but now it registered. There will come a point in time where you will be left alone and no one can give you advice, their opinion and/or predictions about the future. No one will be able to make a decision for you and it will be up to you, to believe in yourself; that you can and will do whatever it is that you set out to do.

And you don’t have to wait to be on your own, you can start believing right now…

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**I thank everyone who supports me, who believes. It is greatly appreciated. Please don’t forget as you read the pages on this site, to also spread the words. It is my aim to encourage each one, enlighten someone and most importantly love everyone.

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