Hello Beautiful People!

Have you ever heard the declaration “knowledge equals power”?  I find this to be true.  However in addition to that statement I also say, “Belief gives you strength”.  There are many things I was never educated on and only my intuition and faith were used as a guide. Sometimes when there is nothing definite to rely on, everything will come down to, “what do you believe? “

Pertaining to yourself, your goals, your family, your job and your future? …

Two months ago my Mom and 11-year old niece came with me to an audition. I was very nervous. At the audition location there came a certain point, where only the person trying out could enter. I was out of luck! If I wanted to continue forward, I had to go alone…  The service at the location was very bad and during my waiting period, all I could do was text.  I text-ed my Mom and many others, needing confirmation that I could do it, that everything would be fine.

Then my niece wrote me through my Mom’s phone and as I was giving a million and one reasons about why I was anxious, she said “believe in yourself”.  The words were so simple but it hit me like a baseball bat!

I NEVER knew that I had the permission to believe in my own self. I’ve heard the statement before but now it registered. There will come a point in time where you will be left alone and no one can give you advice, their opinion and/or predictions about the future. No one will be able to make a decision for you and it will be up to you, to believe in yourself; that you can and will do whatever it is that you set out to do.

And you don’t have to wait to be on your own, you can start believing right now…

On “Be Encouraged” (https://ohemmawrites.com/be-encouraged/ ) find an excerpt from best-selling author, John Mason’s – “You Can Do It- Even If Others Say You Can’t”.

Posted under Ohemma’s Words, (https://ohemmawrites.com/ohemmas-words/) find a poem, titled “Special” written by me at 15 years old.

Lastly, “It is Written…” (https://ohemmawrites.com/it-is-written/ ) has my ULTIMATE book list, including classics such as The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.  As well as the books I’m reading next!

**I thank everyone who supports me, who believes. It is greatly appreciated. Please don’t forget as you read the pages on this site, to also spread the words. It is my aim to encourage each one, enlighten someone and most importantly love everyone.

Stay you and enjoy,


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