One More Time


Picture this: November 28th, 2012, three days before a family member’s wedding. You have the outfit all figured out, accessories to match and NO shoes! That was me two weeks ago. After searching in every store and boutique in NYC for the perfect heels, I finally went to Macy’s. I wanted the shoe chase to be over. Little did I know Macy’s was having a “one-day sale”. (I mean, when are they not?!) Everything around me was hectic.

After looking around shortly in the shoe department,  I found a cute BCBG platform heel. I asked a salesman for my size and tried it on. It fit perfectly! It was like… “Cinderella and the glass slipper”. 🙂Unknown-1

However, before I could crack a smile, the salesman told me my shoes weren’t paired in the box. I tried on the left side but the right side had to be found somewhere on the sales floor. I would have to find it in order to make the purchase.

That struck a chord in me because all I wanted to do was go home but I was confident I could find the other shoe. So I looked EVERYWHERE. I even asked random people to help me.I was focused! …Until half an hour later, I came to the realization that the shoe was nowhere to be found. I gave up and went home.

The next day I decided to try again. I looked at some different shoe stores but the heels I wanted at Macy’s were still on my mind. I knew in my heart they had to be there. So, I went back.

images-1I searched all over again and I asked a sales woman to help me. I said “Mam, I really want those shoes”. She told me there was a bin in the back that she would check. I never heard of this bin yesterday, so I got excited.

Five minutes later she came back with both shoes in the box! A beautiful pair of black-suede glittered platform BCBG heels. I never lost hope!

Through everything, the lesson I learned was: when you REALLY REALLY want something and you don’t get it the first time around but you still believe it’s possible and perfect for you, try one more time.

Don’t let something you like and/or love go, without attempting a different approach. That shoe could have been anywhere!images-4 But because I was determined and patient, I got what I came for. Even though I didn’t get it on the first day, with the first attempt.

Therefore, whatever you want, whatever is on your mind… don’t let it go so easily. If you believe it suits you perfectly, like a pair of black-suede platform heels, go back and GET it. Try one more time! 🙂


Matthew 7:7 ~””Ask and it will be given to you; Seek and you will find; Knock and the door will be opened to you.”


On the “Be Encouraged” page (” ) find a priceless speech from the brilliant Steve Jobs at the 2005 Standford University Commencement.

Featured this week under “Ohemma’s Words“, ( is a poem titled ” Billet Doux” ~>that’s french for Love Letter …. xoxoxo

Lastly, “It is Written…” ( has an article from Black Enterprise, about seeking a mentor in your career field. Let me know how their advice works out for you!

Stay you & enjoy,


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Falany
    Dec 13, 2012 @ 19:04:16

    You are so gifted with writing & words. Love this blog Queeny


  2. kelaunij
    Dec 14, 2012 @ 18:42:55

    OMG I loooved this one. This is so very true. For some reason there’s always a small whisper, something in your soul that tells you which things just belong to you in life. Sometimes we can’t explain why we are so drawn to certain things, we just know that they are meant for us. Whether it be a career change to something that satisfies your true passion, a special someone that you’ve secretly been in love with for years, or just a trip to a certain country that you’ve been dreaming about visiting since you were little. We have these urges for a reason- destiny. And although this was just a small example, it’s so very applicable to the bigger challenges that we face in life, when we really want something, but for some reason we just can’t find the other shoe. But that’s what is so beautiful about the journey, the other shoe will find you. You just have to be patient and decide that you will not leave your life (or department store lol) without accomplishing what you know in your heart is for you. We all have that little whisper of passion. The challenge is listening to it, understanding it, and being patient enough to wait for the other shoe to show up. This was beautiful Queen. I love reading all of your stuff. Keep it up!


    • ohemmawrites
      Dec 14, 2012 @ 19:02:45

      Aww Kelauni! Thanks. I ALWAYS love your feedback/thoughts. You are absolutely right, sometimes you just know that you know! Lol. The heart, intuition & little whispers never lie. And to others they may not see the logic but when you believe that whats for YOU is for you, you can’t give up so easily. You always have to try…one more time 🙂

      I hope Spain is treating you good girl! & If you ever need encouragement OhemmaWrites is always here for you! xoxoxo


  3. ms. maniglia
    Feb 17, 2013 @ 10:54:31

    Beautiful story, Queen. So proud of you!


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