“Relationship Matters”…


It’s that time of year again! Valentine’s Day is approaching. “Love” is magically in the air and people are either embracing the season or they’re pretty much over it. (On a personal note, I like to think of every day as an opportunity to show affection towards those you care about. )

I came across a post from the Facebook page of “Relationship Matters”. I couldn’t help but sharing. Let me know what you think…

“We worry too much about all the wrong things, we’re not scared of love, we’re scared of ourselves. The only EFFECTIVE LOVE is unconditional love. We as people aren’t perfect so it’s unrealistic to expect the love we experience to be perfect. Our love will reflect our flaws and our strengths, it will only be as great as we choose to make it. Love isn’t to blame for our imperfections, our lust, or our inability to judge character. Love is greater than fear.

Unfortunately, not everybody will have enough faith to understand that. Don’t blame Love every time you fall short just because your pride refuses to look itself in the mirror. Being in love is not an excuse for lacking common sense. Some stuff you just shouldn’t fall for. Love isn’t responsible for your inability to judge character. Don’t be gullible. If you don’t know the qualities of trustworthy people, you’ll always fall for liars. You can’t be mad at somebody for selling you a dream they didn’t force you to buy. Pain is apart of life, not the end of it. Don’t let the fear of getting hurt be the reason you never find happiness. People just trust fear because they understand being miserable. Many identify with peril, few can relate to peace.

The kind of happiness that produces lasting love may be foreign to most, but it’s not impossible for all. Don’t let weak relationships falling apart be the reason you begin to doubt the strength of what’s in your heart. Love doesn’t just knock you down it breaks you down, but it has to so that you realize the only way to fly is to get over the fear of falling…”

~Relationship Matters (https://www.facebook.com/RelationshipsMattersByEngJack?fref=ts)

My favorite line: Don’t let the fear of getting hurt be the reason you never find happiness.

Wise Advice.

It is written…

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