An Alliance

I’ve had many friends

And with these friends came rough times.

We’ve gotten into so many arguments

Together, we’ve told so many lies.

In these rough times

Some friends gave up on me

And I gave up on some friends…

They let me go, they let me be

Close friendships came to an end.

But then came this one friend

To me, was my best friend.

Always there for me

Through the thick and the thin.

Trusted me more

Then I trusted myself.

Always gave me hope,

With no cares of gaining my wealth.

Was my elevator

When I was feeling low

And my sunshine, in a world that seemed so very cold.

Was just a best friend…

Because that’s all my best friend knew how to be

And my thought was, “I’m as good to my best friend, as I could ever possibly be”

Then came one day,

I looked my best friend in the eye

I did my best friend wrong

I allowed my best friend to cry.

I was rude

I didn’t care

I said what I wanted to say.

And just like that

In the blink of an eye

I pushed my good friend away.

I left my best friend all alone

I did the opposite of what I should do as a friend.

I spoke to my best friend out of term

I called my best friend names, which were not earned.

I cut my best friend, very very deep

Made the bond we had fall to shambles

I didn’t know what came over me…

The next day I thought about what I did

I cried and cried, like a newborn kid.

But then I realized why I called my best friend, best friend

Because as soon as I apologized, we were best friends again!

By: Queen S. Ofori© (~ written in 2005)

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