“Days Like These”

Sometimes I feel like

I don’t have a home.


All I do is roam

From place to place

                                                  I have no where to belong.

Sometimes I feel like …

I have to step outside myself

I am who I call on

When I’m in need of help

Sometimes I feel like

I don’t know what to do

And as my thoughts wander they take me to you

Even if the answer comes

In plain black and white

I look but still can’t seem to see

I try to understand it with all my might

I am usually left to cry,

And then there’s nothing else to do.

Sometimes I wonder why

During those times I still think about you…

I must be sick; it’s all inside my head

I try to sleep it off

And dream of only good days ahead

I run and I rush,

in real life

I try to get to them as soon as possible

Cuz man, I don’t want to feel this way any more

I’m tired of being down

Or being told to smile

Too much energy to be fake

It starts to wear me down,

But sometimes I wonder …

When things will ever be

When I’ll find that special happiness

That will last permanently

I won’t be in search of anything more

My heart won’t be closed off, like a locked door

Those are my thoughts…


~Q.S.O © 2004

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