To Keep Alive

I write.

Just for the sake of writing,

I have no thoughts on what it could become.

I breathe

Just for the sake of breathing.

It’s an afterthought

That I need air in my lungs.

I do it.


I do it to survive.

It comes naturally to me. It helps me.

It keeps me alive.


When I grab a pen

I inhale.

I put the pen to use, I let go

of everything I feel.

I exhale…


The love, the frustration, the anger, my hidden temptations,

  It all pours out. 


Then I start to sing, for the sake of singing.

I have no idea where I will go.

I hope I’ll be a star one day.

Like the ones in the sky,

That at night always glow.


I sing like I move & there’s no particular reason why.

I never stay still.

I do it to progress,

It keeps me alive.


When I go from place to place,

 My body moves in different ways,

Gracefully, powerfully, I know who’s inside of me.

He’s the reason for my sanity

My life and all my joys

 It is really HE


HE keeps me alive.

~By: Queen S. Ofori©

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Falandria
    Dec 21, 2012 @ 13:48:14

    Wow this is beautiful Queen 🙂


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